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Wood Chocks, Blocks, & Cribbing

wood chocksFor the support, stabilization, and transport of numerous projects we supply wood blocks, chocks, and cribbing of almost any size.

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Endless Possibilities

Available in treated or untreated pine or hardwoods, your blocks, chocks, or cribbing can be cut, drilled, chamfered, beveled, or milled to your specifications.

Custom coating and painting is also available for your wood chocks, blocks, or cribbing.  For projects where longevity is a major concern we highly recommend the polymer wood coating for your wood components. 

HT Stamp for International Shipping

We provide heat treatment and the HT stamp for wood cribbing and dunnage to meet international shipping standards. Our heat treatment services meet ISPM #15 standards and are available for:

  • Dunnage
  • Wood Components
  • Assembled Pallets or Crating

We can heat treat and provide the "HT Stamp" for lumber, wood, timbers, and poles of nearly any size up to 40 feet long.

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